Dear Alumni, You are the reason and result of our mission. You rival our website as the second reason as to why prospective students choose our school. We hope that we can cultivate a real relationship with you throughout your professional career. The Director of Admissions and Alumni (DAA) is your direct contact to the college, along with the Academic Deans and the Campus Directors. Our website and our staff remain committed to you as you enter your very noble profession. Please stay in contact with us if there is anything we can do for you!

Here are some of the services available to you as alumni.

  •    Upon graduation we will enter you into our Alumni Directory database. This will be used for Constant Contact notifications such as continuing Education Workshops, the China externship, and our new on-line biomedicine, medical ethics and other courses. Through the Directory you can network with colleagues.
     If you have not already joined the directory do so now.
  •    Likewise, we can use the Directory to refer patients to your practice when patients and the public solicit us.
  •    Graduates receive a 10% discount on most Continuing Education workshops. Some restrictions may apply.
  •    Graduates are offered support and resources for NCCAOM Exam preparation and Resources for NM Clinical State Exam Preparation
  •    Graduates are invited to attend free NCCAOM Board information workshops held at the colleges. Those announcements can be found on the website.
  •    Graduates may audit didactic classes for review according to the school audit policy.
  •    Alumni are welcome to borrow books and other materials from the SWAC Libraries in Boulder and Santa Fe. Registration is required on-site with the following
     provided: Name, physical and email addresses in order to check out materials.
  •    Official transcripts can be conveniently ordered on-line.
  •    Additional diploma copies can be ordered on-line.
  •    Graduates receive a 5% discount on herbs and acupuncture supplies.
  •    Graduates can get consultations with our Financial Aid Director by emailing FinancialAid[at]acupuncturecollege[dot]edu.
  •    Graduates can find many exciting career opportunities on our Career Opportunities page, which is updated weekly. 

If there is any thing else we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us. Hope all is well in your practice!













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