Clinic Services

The clinical faculty and students at Southwest Acupuncture College believe in treating the whole person and guiding the patient back to life in balance. Towards this end, our clinic provides acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and patient education. Southwest Acupuncture College maintains a complete Chinese herbal pharmacy and bookstore to meet your medical and informational needs.

The college does not have child care services and children are not allowed in the treatment rooms. Please arrange your appointment at a time when you can come to the clinic alone to enjoy your treatment and benefit from our expert medical care. We look forward to your continued support in aiding us in our goal of educating independent healthcare practitioners in the field of Oriental medicine.

Santa Fe Campus Clinic Patient Fees 
Boulder Campus Clinic Patient Fees 
Clinic Descriptions

Student Clinic In this setting, the student observes advanced second year and/or third year students performing treatments on patients in the college’s low-cost public clinic. They assist the student interns with the management of the clinic treatment room, sit in on patient interviews, case history discussions, treatment plans and observe the administra- tion of the treatment by an intern. Students should spend a minimum of one term observing Student Clinic.

Professional Clinic In this setting, the student observes skilled American and Asian faculty practice. Small groups of observers follow the supervisor on their rounds and they have the opportunity to discuss the cases in-depth with the attending supervisor. Students should spend a minimum of one term observing Professional Clinic.

Specialty Clinic There are several clinical specialties available to students from which they may select to complement the strong internal and physical medicine skills observed in student and professional clinic. Specialty clinics may change from term to term based upon supervisor availability, student interest, community opportunities, and other variables.

Community Style Acupuncture Clinic A clinic where several patients receive treatment in the same room. Acupuncturists use points on the lower arms and legs to treat the entire body