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Santa Fe Fall Clinic Charity: Donate Life

By Vanessa Tapia

July 8, 2012 - To many this day holds no meaning. To some this date holds great significance. It is a day to be celebrated, and yet it is also a day to be mourned. On this day one family lost their baby, a tiny life that could not be saved. And, in the midst of their overwhelming loss and unimaginable pain they did something so breathtakingly selfless. They saved the life of a child that encompasses so many people’s hearts: Marcos.

Marcos was born with a condition that would result in the loss of nearly all of his small intestine as well as end stage liver failure. He was flown from state to state for care while doctors offered little hope. His only chance: a multi-visceral organ transplant. 

Marcos’ parents received the call that organs were available. Within a moment’s notice they were on a jet nearly 1,000 miles away. They were terrified, relieved, and heartbroken all at once. Terrified of the unknown possibilities and the undeniable risks. Relieved that their little baby would be given a chance to live the long happy life he so deserved. And heartbroken that somewhere out there a family was devastated at the loss of their own baby. A family that chose to donate the organs of this tiny angel and in turn, gave Marcos what no one could give to theirs... A second chance at life.

On July 8, 2016, at just ten months old, baby Marcos received his lifesaving transplant. Although his journey since transplant has not been without struggle, Marcos continues to live with the utmost resilience, strength, and happiness. Not only is he constantly smiling, he infects those around him with his giggles encompassing their hearts (especially mine)! You see, Marcos is my son. I could not fathom what life would be like without my little soldier, I don’t want to try, he is my reason for waking up each day, my reminder that things could always be worse, there is never an excuse not to keep smiling, and to always be grateful for the generosity of others. This is the reason Southwest Acupuncture College Santa Fe campus clinic has chosen to contribute to Donate Life.

There is no greater gift that can be given.
A donation that could only come from a place of love and selflessness.
Donate Love, Donate Hope, Donate Life.