Mentorship for New Practitioners

Are you about to graduate or have graduated from SWAC in the last 2 years? Then you’re eligible to apply to win a free 3-month mentorship program!

3-Month Mentorship Program

You’ve gone to school, you have your degree, you’ve passed your boards, now you’re starting your practice!

You’re excited to start your practice, you want to spend your hours treating patients and helping people become healthier. As it turns out, practicing Oriental Medicine looks a lot more like entrepreneurship—endless marketing, accounting, and streamlining systems. I mentor new practitioners so you can have the practice you’ve always dreamed of.

As a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, a beneficial resource for expanding your network and enhancing your skills is to work with a mentor. Someone who:

• Helps you hone your skills and knowledge.
• Serves as a sounding board.
• Gives you inspiration.
• Connects you with a like-minded community.

You’ve learned a lot in school, but do you:

• Wonder how you balance these two sides of your business? 
• Feel alone in your practice? 
• Wish you had someone to give you support? 
• Wish you could work with someone who has done it already? 
• Wish you could reach out to someone who really understands both the practice and the business components?
• Wonder if there is a more direct path to getting results in your business and for your patients?
• Wonder if you should specialize or be a general practitioner?

Why Mentorship?

Mentors are the foundation of a positive, supportive community. Our industry is often cloaked in secrecy, competition and can be territorial. We withhold information from each other, horde successful treatment plans, and silently judge one another’s competency. I want to change that attitude through mentorship. Together, we’ll focus on getting results for your patients, honing your skills, and streamlining your business.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go; they merely determine where you start.” — Nido Qubein

Why Offer a Free Mentorship to a SWAC Graduate?

I wanted to give something back to SWAC. Over the years, I have realized that I have received a very good education from SWAC, and given support, any of its graduates can be successful. The profession is changing, the business world is changing and we need to find a way to change with it. The more we support each other, the stronger our profession will be. Thus, the idea of offering a mentorship came about. I wanted to offer it in honor of my first mentor, Dr. Lynsay Tunnel, DOM. who was an instructor at SWAC (and has since passed away). Let’s continue to learn, support and grow!

About Tansy Briggs, DOM, L.OM

I’ve been a practitioner of Integrative Oriental Medicine since 2001 after graduating from SWAC - Santa Fe campus. I’ve had experience in starting a practice from scratch, purchasing an existing practice, selling a successful practice, joining established practice groups, teaching at an acupuncture school, transitioning my practice to be both in person and online, and have been mentoring other practitioners since 2014. 

I came upon my own first mentor almost by accident when I graduated from SWAC and began my own practice. One of my favorite instructors, Dr. Lynsay Tunnel, DOM, became a friend, colleague, and mentor.  We shared a mutual interest in pediatrics and integrative Oriental Medicine. I learned to value him as a mentor in a new way when (in my first year of practice) one of my patients was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had been trained well, so my mind was ready for the challenge. But, I had no way to prepare for the deep, emotional connection and the responsibility that I felt to my patient and his family. I felt flustered. Would I be able to help my patient properly? Did I really know what I was doing?  Dr. Tunnel was there for me and helped me gain the perspective I needed to treat my patient effectively. Between my treatments and Western medicine, my patient’s cancer went into remission and he regained full health. As a new practitioner, my excitement for starting a practice, along with a particular kind of arrogance that comes with being a new practitioner with lots of knowledge, but not a lot of experience was tempered (rightly!).

Not too long after this, I then hired a business coach and worked with her on and off for years. My work with her was, and still is, invaluable for my business and overall life goals and achievements. However, I always wished I could have rolled up my mentor and my business coach all in one package.

Now, I want to offer my services of mentorship to fellow practitioners, in the hopes of inspiring the same confidence and camaraderie. Combining both a practice and a business perspective, my specialty is boiling things down to systems that work in the front office and getting repeatable results for your patients and building a financially successful practice.

My skill set and experience is especially useful for practitioners who work in and want to know more about fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, pediatrics, autoimmune disorders, chronic diseases, and Integrative Oriental Medicine in practice. 

“Kindness is not a weakness. In fact, it is essential to cultivating connections in business and life.” — Ozlem Beldan 

How to Submit an Application:

1. Contact me.
2. Submit the application by Sept 1st.
3. One applicant will be selected by Oct 1st.
4. One free mentorship is given yearly to a SWAC graduate.

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