The Bind Each Other’s Wounds scholarship was founded in honor of Monsignor Jerome Martinez Y Alire, a longtime treasure of the Santa Fe community. In 2012 Southwest Acupuncture College established a living legacy award in thanksgiving and emulation of his compassion and care for the sick and the afflicted of New Mexico in hospitals, hospices, homes, and hearts. The College donates a four-year, full-tuition scholarship annually in his name to a parishioner in the Santa Fe Deanery. Each scholarship is worth over $70,000.00 and prepares each recipient to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico or a licensed acupuncturist in other states.

One of my friends sits on the Board of the Santa Fe Mountain Center, and I attended their annual fundraiser in July. I met a woman whose organization, Santa Fe Safe, partners with the Solace Crisis Treatment Center. We spoke about my job at Southwest Acupuncture College, and she told me what an asset our clinic is to the community and what great work our students do. She mentioned that Solace has a drawing for free self-care at their monthly staff meeting and suggested that the SWAC student clinic donate a free treatment to the drawing each month.