Brodie Welch in the Huffington Post

Brodie Welch is a Chinese Medicine expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, self-care strategist, and teacher. She empowers women to show up for themselves, tune into their own inner wisdom, and tweak their daily habits so they can feel their best. She practices and teaches Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditation, qi gong, stress relief, and habit change in Corvallis, Oregon, and offers innovative learn-from-anywhere classes at Read more here.

Pajarito Reads: Discover the Divine in Yourself with Henry Ahlefelder

Los Alamos Daily Post

Henry Ahlefelder didn’t start out to be a teacher, healer and follower of a spiritual path. “I was the opposite of a new age type of person,” Ahlefelder said. “I was into rock and motorcycles." On a whim, he asked a friend to teach him to meditate. The results amazed him and set him on his path to become a healer and a teacher. Read more here.

Oriental Medicine: An Introduction

by Dagmar Ehling, MAc, LAc, DOM

Evolution is a progression that continues to evolve through cycles of heating cooling, moistening and drying, contraction and expansion. These processes enable bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. Nature evolves in harmony with these cycles and always seeks an equilibrium. Read more here.

Livability: Small Colleges Give Santa Fe Students Many Options

It’s a difficult task, but students who can pull themselves away from Santa Fe’s beautiful scenery long enough to actually study are greeted by a diverse and rewarding academic community.

The city is home to small colleges and universities, providing students with a wide range of academic options. Read more here.

Acupuncture Today: Integrating Eastern and Western Medicine During Disaster Responses

By Deb Boehme, PhD, DOM, LPCC

On Feb. 12, 2010, the New Mexico Disaster Medical Assistance Team (NM-1 DMAT) was deployed to Haiti to close out a medical mission in Port-au-Prince at Gheskio University and Clinic. Our site was separated from a tent city inhabited by approximately 5,000 Haitians via barbed wire and the protection of the 82nd Airborne Military Service. Read more here.