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A new dermatology CME program with free online courses at LearnSkin.com and an annual in-person Integrative Dermatology Symposium. It was established by an expert team of dermatologists and alternative medicine practitioners to promote collaboration across disciplines within skin care. Both programs are ACCME accredited and serve both generalists and specialists.
After learning more about your institution, I think your faculty and students would find our courses valuable and may even be interested in teaching or presenting? We are currently accepting poster submissions through June 1, 2018: http://2018.integrativedermatologysymposium.com/education/call-for-posters/




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Registration is Now Open for Jeff Nagel at the 35th Annual AAC Conference in Westminster April 21-22, 2018!

This year will be our 35th annual conference as a state association and we are pleased to bring you another highly requested speaker, Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Dipl Ac. Jeff is trained in the 8 Branches of Chinese Daoist Healing Arts, Medicine, Internal Martial Arts & Life Sciences and is an experienced long-time practitioner. He is a well seasoned, generous teacher-researcher of Acupuncture-Oriental Medicine, as well as a Qigong cultivator and healer who has studied extensively with several well-known masters and doctors including Daoist Grand Master Share K. Lew, the 23rd generation of the Yellow Dragon Monastery, China. Jeff is designated as a practitioner and teacher by the AAAOM Pioneers & Leaders in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, acknowledging his contributions to the field. He has taught at a number of state, national and international conferences.

Registration is now open for this event on April 21st and 22nd, 2018 at the Westminster Marriott.

His two-day seminar is entitled Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Pain - Precursors to Disease In Your Practice & In Your Life (Classical Chinese Medicine Daoist Style Special Applications of Master Tung's Holographic).  14 NCCAOM PDA / California CEU pending.

More about the Course:

Classical Chinese Medicine traditions raise the question: What causes and promotes health and vitality and not just dis-ease? Some of the most effective answers and solutions to this question will be covered in this class: “7 parts patient lifestyle adjustment + 3 parts doctor’s treatment”

Teachings include:
How to cultivate Relax & Calm Down Qigong Breathing & Taiji Ruler Heart Calming Qigong for patients and practitioners.  
Learn simple & effective methods of Acu-Touch Pulse for diagnosis & treatment.
Learn how to use internal-external herbal polarity-5 phase nutrition.
Learn practical clinical applications to diagnose and treat stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain before dis-ease sets in using Master Tung's Acupuncture and the 5 Phase Organ-Meridians and 12 Attitudes Method.
Learn how to harmonize the emotions with Temporal Pulse Balancing, the “10 Essentials of Life” & Geopathic Medicine for stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain.

These methods are practical and highly effective and can be implemented immediately in practice. The class will be taught through a combination of lecture, hands-on experience, and question and answer opportunities. Bring your most difficult case studies to class for group feedback and applied practical clinical applications.
Read more about Jeff, the conference and register here.

We are so excited for this conference, which will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers, get energized and learn amazing things. This conference is expected to sell out, so register early and take advantage of early bird pricing discounts. I look forward to seeing you all there!

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It’s easy to learn at home and at your convenience. 2 hours is all it takes to read the Comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that organizes the medical ethics material in an easy to assimilate manner! 2 NCCAOM PDA’s awarded. $50.

Join author, international presenter, teacher and clinician Dr. Skya Abbate, MA Sociology, MA Pastoral Studies, MA Bioethics and Health Policy, DOM (NM), Dipl Ac, Dipl CH, Executive Director of Southwest Acupuncture College, Santa Fe and Boulder, and Founder of SkyBird Media in her series of medical ethics courses to meet your NCCAOM Ethics Recertification.

Medical Ethics: The Spirit of Medicine and How We Practice

In this first in a series of medical ethics courses for the acupuncturist, Skya Abbate takes the learner in a logical manner from the preliminary question of why we need medical ethics in the profession through to creating your own professional code of ethics by which to guide your practice. The predominant bioethical frameworks of nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy and social justice are explored from traditional perspectives and connected to the practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Additional topics include the importance of knowing and practicing according to your state law, Confucian ethics, and exploration of traditional Western and Chinese medical codes of ethics such as those of Hippocrates and Sun Simiao and the NCCAOM. This first course prepares the practitioner to continue thinking about ethical issues in Oriental medicine and how one can build a just society through the building of one’s medical practice.
• Learn how to write your own professional code of ethics for your practice
• How to apply the four principles of medial ethics to an acupuncture practice
• Identify the scope of practice, acupuncture law, and licensing requirements in the practitioner’s practice location
• Register now! Contact Skya Abbate NCCAOM Provide#16627 at skya[at]acupuncturecollege[dot]edu for your registration packet. This course costs $50.

Register now! Contact Skya Abbate at skya[at]acupuncturecollege[dot]edu for your registration packet.     

Skya Abbate is a practitioner and Doctor of Oriental Medicine in NM for 32 years, is NCCAOM Dipl Ac and Dipl CH certified, and holds 3 accredited Masters degrees including an MA in Bioethics and Health Policy from the Neiswanger Institute of Bioethics, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. She is enrolled in the PhD program of that same university. Skya is the author of 14 books in various genres and 36 journal articles in the profession of Oriental Medicine. NCCAOM Provider #166627