Santa Fe Campus CEU Events

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Past Santa Fe Campus CEU Events

Motor Point Acupuncture Techinques for Myofascial Pain of the Upper Body and Neck with Dr. YuShu Cheng D.O.M.
Southwest Acupuncture College - Santa Fe, NM Campus
July 14, 2018 - July 15, 2018
Neck, shoulder and upper body pain and motor dysfunction are some of the most clinical complaints encountered in an acupuncture practice. During this intensive 15 hr seminar Dr. Cheng covered anatomy, sypmtomology and assessment of 32 upper body and nexck muscles that commonly cause clinical complaints. Location, safe needling, and tui na techniques for treatment of motor points to address all of these 32 muscles will be taught through demonstration, hands on instruction, and supervised practice. 




Boulder Campus CEU Events 


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 Past Boulder Campus Events 

Distal Method Acupuncture with Nate Mohler
March 16, 2019 - March 17, 2019

Distal Method Acupuncture: This course will provide an introduction to Distal Method Acupuncture as practiced by Nate Mohler. It is a primarily theory-led class that will cover channel relationships as taught in the Tan/Tung systems, select Tung Points, several classical distal acupuncture methods and how to incorporate these together clinically. This first part of the course details the basic theories and methods and will cover treating pain with Distal Method Acupuncture The second part will cover Meridian Conversion with Bagua Balancing to treat complex conditions. Additionally, it will cover the basics for using the Magic 12 Points theory clinically. Finally, the class will detail how to incorporate herbal medicine with the practice of Distal Method Acupuncture.

Eight Extrodinary Vessels 
May 4, 2019 - May 5, 2019

This seminar is a unique opportunity to work with the Eight Extrodinary Vessels from a hands-on palpation based Japanese perspective. Learn to palpate DU, REN, & DAI NAI for excess and deficiency and to treat these imbalances with chinetskyu, moxa, and silver needles directly on the meridian. We will review the Master-Couple points of the REV and learn how to treat them using Copper-Zinc pellets and okyu moxa. Embryogenesis of the REV will also be covered. 

Pulse Diagnosis Seminar - Canceled 
June 8, 2019