Dr. Martin Retherford, BApSc, MBA, MSOM, Dipl OM, DOM
Associate Professor Martin’s study of inorganic and organic systems has resulted from a lifelong pursuit of seeking optimality and identifying impediments to achieving such outcomes. He came late to Oriental Medicine, with 23 plus years of experience in multiple industries including Military, Engineering, Education, and Medicine. Martin received his Bachelor of Science from ITT Technical Institute in Anaheim, CA, in 1997. In 2005, he went on to pursue a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, in Phoenix, AZ. He graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College, Albuquerque in 2013, and is a practitioner of Tan Tung, and TCM approaches to East Asian Medicine (EAM). Martin works as an EAM, Internal Medicine Doctor in integrative practice in Albuquerque, NM, is a founder of the Acupuncture Alumni Association of New Mexico, a founder of the NM Wellness Symposium, and is involved in the development of opportunity for East Asian Medicine in the US.




Dr. David Boynton, B. Sc., D.C.
Associate Professor David has been a practicing Chiropractor for more than 25 years, and a life-long athlete and advocate of student of health and wellness. In 1987, he graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. After building a successful practice in Canada for 15 years, Dr. Boynton moved to Iowa with his wife, Dr. Janice Hughes, to teach and educate the next generation of Chiropractors at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Because of his love for cycling, skiing, and the outdoors, Boulder stood out as an inspiring place to live and practice. As well as teaching at Palmer Chiropractic College, Iowa, Dr. Boynton has taught at Sutherland Chan Institute of Massage and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, in Toronto.